Ispara: Session 6 Notes

Suvens Cove

  • The Situation:
    • Ghosts & ghost ship in harbor every night, only at night
    • Started appearing only a 1-1/2 weeks ago
    • Hiding out in Bernard’s (town banker) basement / meet remaining town folk:
      • Taliyah: a tabaxi woman, sell sword, in Suven’s Cove for only 3 weeks, came in with a transport ship delivering goods
      • Glenn & Hana: human couple, from town
      • Melanie: well-off halfling woman, shop owner in town
    • Only other person in town is a old man named Blaine who lives in the light house
    • Many people including town guards dead
  • The gang decide to investigate the town during the day
  • Hired Taliyah to add some extra muscle to the party (she costs 100gp per day)

Suvens Cove Light House

  • Investigated layout of town & talked to Blaine
    • Blaine is a crazy old man, long line of ancestors work the light house
    • Old story, passed down through his ancient family line:
      • 800 years ago, green flash at sun set
      • Obuntu, bald black man with a magic spear, lived long ago
      • During his time, 800 years ago, ghost ship, creepy ghost children, ghost pirates come up on shore / steal food & bring back to ship / kill & terrorize the towns folk
      • Obuntu says F that and took his magic spear, killed the ghosts on land then went out to the ghost ship, fought some ghosts & somehow made it disappear
      • Unfortunately Obuntu disappeared as well, was never seen again, however his spear washed up on shore
      • Spear was then placed in a Crypt near town

Crypt of the Cove

  • Soved riddle to open crypt. Tsubasa (god of the sea) themed. (Merfolk languae “tsu” means “sea”)
  • Main Room: 4 status, all heads bowed, reflecting important people buried in the crypt:
    • Suvan Valencia, sextant & compass, navigator, founder of cove
    • Reya Sirensong, the Wayfarers Mother, scroll in hand, gives food to people
    • Tiberius Stormwind, spear, fighting, Vengeful Hunter
    • Korrin Weyland, The Uniter, Knight, great sword, leader of the people, Assimar
    • We find fifth crypt later, had no statue in this room: this was the crypt of Obuntu
  • Note: Something about Pirate ship returning to this cove because Lucern was the only safe place
  • Many puzzles, riddles, secret doors, & traps
  • Offering room filled with gold, but it is likely a trap, we simply leave offering, take the disc, no problem
  • More stuff, killed a basilisk, and retrieved Obuntu’s spear
  • That night we lay low, observe the ghost behavior, they are stealing food, bringing it back to the ship
  • Run into ghost child again, same weird shit about “it’s mommy falling down stairs”, this time we kick its ass no problem
  • Rest at Bernard’s house, wait until next night before trying to infiltrate the pirate ship

Pirate Ship

  • At night, use magic foldable boat, magical darkness hid us from the pirate ship
  • Seek aboard, distracted many of the ghost pirates with an illusion of a kobold enhanced with thaumaturgy
    • Stern of ship, found a weird crystal, black amethyst
  • Torinn remembered an odd dream he had regarding a similar crystal:
    • In dream, everything dark & weird, Torinn’s father told him: “Sorry, dark in here.” “Burnt, stumbling, dark eyes.” “I am lost. Can you show me.” Another voice says: “Release.” And a large crystal is shattered. Similar crystal as to the one on the ship. Torinn has no idea what any of this means
    • Giant weird portal with tentacles opens up and the ship begins getting dragged in, the gang jumps out a window off the ship & swims back to boat, the ship vanishes

Crypt & Town

  • The town is quiet and at peace
  • Remember offering room in crypt is filled with tons of gold & jewels, know it is a trap, but fuck it, go back for some treasure
  • Fight giant crab who is resistant & immune to tons of damage types, hard won fight, but succeed, get tons of treasure
  • At Bernard’s Taliyah never wants to work with us again
  • Melanie gives us a discount at her shop in town
  • Lay low in town a couple of days to make sure the ghosts do not return