Ispara: Session 7 Notes

Suvens Cove

  • Briefly encountered Tully
    • Learned Seelie Court has disappeared
  • Wrap Up:
    • Carted gold from crypt
    • Open bank account with Bernard
    • Shopping at Melanie’s
    • ID all potions
  • Meet group of Vivictus clerics on way to Mayvir
    • Claim they have been losing their powers


  • Shopping: magic items & mounts / pets
  • Note: Automoton guards, stand 9 feet tall, talks like Robo Cop
  • Travel to Castle Mayvir:
    • Speek with Lord Richard Yorell
    • He is confident in his guards abilities / not worried about a plot against his life
    • Celebration & party in evening
    • Anti-Magic field surrounding the castle
    • Daughter’s party will take place only in the castle
  • Battle of the Bards: Tadhg wins that shit
  • Group pit fighting
    • Tie with another group, they are impressive
    • They wear the silver & blue armor of Mayvir / call themselves Ashland’s Pilgrims
    • Fought two ice toads, chimera, & a young white dragon

Temple of Vivictus

  • Torrin goes alone
  • Speaks to Yorik Von Eisburn, Drow, head cleric of Vivictus
  • Yorik having similar dreams as Torrin
  • Yorik still has his cleric powers
  • He believes Vivictus has been inprisioned
  • Potentailly related to the Seelie Court disappearance


  • Read up on some stuff:
    • Black amethyst can be used in binding / exclusion / banishment rituals
    • One crystal may lie beneath throne of Behlor on Mt Alluren
    • Korrin Weyland, knight of Suven’s Cove, one of the last recorded Aasimar
    • Note: Aasimar usually have some type of mission they need to accomplish

Castle Yorell

  • Party Time
  • Alessa Sivan sings, magic orbs with her songs indicate anti-magic field is inactive
  • Suddenly, Kilanna, Half-Orc, Vasher acquaintance, swings down out of nowhere and crushes people
  • Charon, half-elf, Vasher acquaintance, stabs Lord Yorell
  • These are Ashland’s Pilgrims
  • Situation is handled poorly by the gang
  • Charon stabs Isellia as well, gang was looking to Vahser for direction, but there was not much direction given

Opalla Outskirts

  • Chased murderers on horseback out of town to their camp near wooded area
  • Elauriel joins the Vasher’s Ex-GF, bow hunter, human
  • They fight with good tactics, flanking and hiding behind trees
  • We are out matched, Vasher tells us to run, but he himself does not run, he is flanked, Elauriel stabs him in the chest
  • Ashland’s Pilgrims scatter as we try to retreat
  • Vasher lay dead on the ground (perhaps our scroll of revivify?)
  • We learn this group works for for the Old World Council, Vasher used to work for them too