Ispara: Session 5 Notes


  • In the quiet morning of the following day the gang took care of a bunch of tasks:
    • Picked up travel supplies
    • Followed up with Yaska: Task: deliver ornate chest to Selvala (a customer of Yaska’s who resides in Meyvir)
    • Followed up with Jemba tinker traveling with the Vardo; Vasher finally has a working mechanical arm (high five)
  • Stopped at a strange magic apparel shop called Tinkersnitzle, they had a few items, but the coolest one was a set of earings that allow communication
  • The gang now owns Tables & Chairs; struck up a deal with Horus to expand to the vacant building & we get a small piece of the profit: 500gp per month
  • Learned that the Vardo are traveling to Ymor
  • We still have a cart and horse; our horse named Epona

Road to Suven’s Cove

  • The gang leaves for Meyvir to represent Opalla at Lord Richard Yorell’s Daughter’s (Isillia) Birthday Party; (completely forgot about following up with Alessa Sivan) with plans to stop in Suvens Cove to check it out and possibly stop near Mt. Alluren where there is said to be a dragon
  • On the way to Suvens Cove:
    • Met a Leprechaun and successfully answered a riddle to win 5000gp
    • Saved a group of refugees from a crazy forest monster called a Wendigo
    • Found a stump with some hidden jems inside
    • Fought off some wolves trying to eat our horse

Suvens Cove

  • Suvens cove turned out to be a strange ghost town with a ghost ship that appears in the dark
  • Wandering through the town we encountered and fought off a crazy ghost demon child thing
    • ghost seems to have the ability to travel between the ethereal plane and the material plane
    • ghost was saying that it and its mommy were heading to some safe haven
    • Tadhg was seriously injured and on the verge of death , but was stabilized by they Torrin’s “spare the dying” cantrip and effectively in a coma
  • The gang found refuge in a nearby home and Torrin prayed over Tadhg (very successfully) & Tadhg was brought back to consciousness