Ispara: Session 18 Notes

Swamp Near Opalla

  • Orc trapped in tree by crocodiles
  • Party fights crocs
  • Orc:Billie Joe, lives in swamp, bringing back preacher to marry him & Marybelle
  • Preacher died in fight
  • Torrin will marry the two instead

Billie Joe’s Swamp Estate

  • Elder fruits, hard shell, green flesh, sour then sweet
  • Thorian & Vasher Mud wrestling, Tadhg playing with band, Torrin preparing wedding ceremony by doing shots and getting fucked up
  • Damh appears off at the edge of the clearing, Tadhg learns some stuff:
    • Tadhg walks over
    • Eldrazi have invaded the Feywilds, Courts are working together, not many archfey left
    • Tully is alive and still fighting
    • Damh learns all we know about the Keystone Array
    • Damh interested in Rune’s / symbols on relays, we should inspect closely
    • Each plane has an everlight, a soul. Rava
    • Gods that are forgotten cease to exist
    • Most important is to ensure the array is working
    • Damh gives Tadhg ability to use “Contact other plane” spell once a day
  • Torrin tears it up on dance floor, sleeps with 2 orc chicks
  • Vasher eats elder fruit, it cures hang over, sweet
  • Party leaves wedding, travels out of swamp, landscape changes to reddish grasses, then to blackened and charred mounds

Country side

  • Fight some giant fire ants on the way to Pendlehaven
  • Torrin has a dream that night
    • Seemingly Vivictus visiting him in his dreams, though he sounds unusually creepy and distant
    • Figure repeating the word “death”
  • Party discovers burning farm house in the middle of nowhere
  • Vasher casts fire ball inside the house for some reason, burns himself and other shit up, but he and Torrin save the family
  • Meanwhile, outside two OWC dudes try to steal our cart, it was their trick to start the fire and wait for some do-gooders to try and help, then steal their shit
    • Party restrains the arsonists and saves family in the house, though the house is destroyed
    • They give us some info: their lieutenants are Sephora & Petrov
    • Hardhearth is their base
    • Insignia from OWC is a tower in a shield
  • Torrin killed the two OWC people
  • Torrin has another dream that night
    • Creepy Vivictus voice again
    • Says to Torrin to “bring mutual enemies into his fold”

Hardhearth Town

  • Torrin wants to talk to a priestess who is at a temple here, Temple of inari
  • We kill some fool guards trying to scam us out of our hard earned gold
  • Temple of Inari, prayer seems to work, Torrin gets some powers back, but not all
  • Huge fight in town from dumb OWC people, presumably amongst the fools are the lieutenants, we kill a whole mess of guards, relieve town from the OWC occupation, all towns folk are spared
  • Some towns folk include: Priestess Coraline, Tavern: Bethany, Trapper: Owen
  • Learn the OWC got there about 4 months ago

Back on the Road

  • Party leaves the town without staying the night in order to make up some lost travel time towards Pendelhaven
  • That night after setting up camp the party is swarmed by Eldrazi Gloomstalkers
    • Resistances: Psychic, radiant, piercing, bludgeoning
    • Vulnerabilies: Thunder
  • Some crazy huge Eldrazi monstrosity appears towards the end of the fight, but it escapes into a portal when it senses the end is near
  • The party is victorius, but it was an difficult and intense battle
  • The dire wolves Ember and Mochi fought and died bravely protecting the party