Ispara: Session 17 Notes

Swamp Near Opalla

  • Party learns some Legend Lore from Noggers:
    • Vasher
      • Koran Weiland was an Assimar, vision of angel, found gnome named Deven Fariday
      • Together they began building the obelisks & keystones around Ispara
    • Torrin
      • Grellard & Sons Armory made the sword called Voltaire the Storm Balde
      • It was wielded by a dwarf fighting the Old World Council
    • Tadhg
      • Keystone Array created by Koran & Deven, shields that protect Lucerne
      • On Map:
        • Circles = Relays, Triangles = Keystones
        • Red = destroyed, Yellow = damaged
        • Probably other important stuff I forgot
    • Thorian
      • Crazy shit here: mask with red marks on cheeks, a great gift was given, violet dagger, scar widens, tentacles emerge...curiosity what a dangerous thing
  • Some notes:
    • Alexandr no longer connect to the Rave Queen
    • Netherese dudes agreed to help us while stuck in our plane, scouting ahead to Pendle Haven monastery where Speaker of Shadows resides


  • New magic shop called Fortune’s Favor in the place of Tinkersnitzel
    • Conway Castaneda & Mrs. Margot are the owners
    • Party gets fortunes read by Mrs. Margot
      • Tadhg sees something about his sister, lineage, & Lothian Arcanum
      • Receives a Locket with pictures of his great niece & nephew
  • Count Adamar hates the party now
  • Lots of stuff happens
  • Party kills the Night Hag at the syndicate of Lost Souls
    • A small child’s body was ruined and broken in the wreckage as the city caved in
    • Torrin brought boy back to life but he is still super fucked up
    • Lucy’s heart stone is taken and used to escape by another hag in her party
  • Torrin’s cleric powers are mysteriously gone

Swamp Near Opalla

  • Party returns the final eye from Lucy to Noggers
  • Party heads out into swamp to find the Dread Hammer (said to be a useful weapon to fight the deadly monks that follow The Speaker of Shadows)
  • Party fights some shit, recovers Hammer, and now turns toward Pendle Haven