Ispara: Session 19 Notes

The road to Pendelhaven

  • Continue on, rest for the night, no events
  • Find an elk beaten to death, Wufgar eats it
  • Some people on the road: OWC soldiers, look beat up as fuck, 1000 mile stares, their fallen comrades are piles of dust
  • Party encounters some Eldrazi on road, bigger, crazier, party kills these evil creatures
  • Strange puzzle box in cart, Tadhg starts to play with one and the party ends up in a cell in another dimension
    • Volun, deceptive devil trapped in other dimension, tries to convince party to let him out, but Tadhg solves the puzzle and the party escapes back to material plane

Temple to Vivictus

  • Party enters temple, strange, many of its symbols & banners are missing / thrown off Into the fields, Monks live here, maybe 20-50 at most
  • Monks speak of the night mother (Shar), they seem to have forgoten Vivictus entirely
  • Torrin recognizes his old friends / acolytes of Vivictus; including Devin Scarborough, Pwent Stonehand
  • Clerics of Vivictus were told to go needle spine pass, and they would find their answers, that’s where we are heading, note that other Monks have never returned from there
  • Monks say porcelain mask woman telling them to join brothers & sisters as the convergence draws near, Cave entrance at the needle spine pass the leads somewhere important
  • Dream voice: “bow in her presence, darkness is our ally, have faith in darkness & let it guide you forward”
  • Torrin has another dream: vivictus famished, needs more death, eldrazi…this is kinda fucked up
  • Devlin, the tiefling found dead in morning, same type of bludgeoning as the buck that we found on the side of the road earlier
  • Monks believe it may have been the party as were were the only guests on the site at the time
  • Pwent knows it wasn’t us, shows us out quick, gives us horses / provisions
  • Note: mountain pass is dangerous, red dragons, harpies, giants, & probably other things that will kill us

The Road to the Mountain Pass

  • Party heads to the pass, giants throw rocks / boulders, I think one hits one of the dudes, but they party continues on without fighting the giants, seems like they are just protecting their territory
  • Party is attacked by some young red dragons, party defeats them
    • Note: Red dragons not resistant or vulnerable to anything in particular
  • Party meets an illusion of Shar on the mountain
    • Shar claims we should not go to Pendelhaven, but we would be better served by going to the places where our family’s are
    • Shar describes a few of the places we should go; one of these places is a cave along the mountain pass where she claims Thorian’s family is, of course Thorian wants to go there
    • Shar snaps her fingers to make a delicious breakfast appear for us, but Vasher throws it off the side of the cliff
    • Party basically tells Shar to go fuck herself

Mountain Pass

  • The pass is treacherous with many small stone bridges and clouds below
  • Flying ship surrounded by wayverns, being attacked
  • Party will try to help the flying ships crew fight off attack
  • Adult Red dragon shows up, things get Nutz.
  • Party defeats the dragon, and Torrin skins the dragon, gets some gold / jewels that were carved into it’s hide
  • During the fight, only Tadhg sees a cave entrance that fits Shar’s description
    • Luminor the flying ship (the ships name I guess)
      • Captain Vospidr Vaporson. (what? did I get that name correct?) Tall elf long blonde hair.
      • Fog of war has made these notes very sloppy, Tadhg did get knocked out during this battle
  • After speaking with Vasher, Tadhg decides to tell rest of party about the cave even though he’s pretty sure it is a trap
  • Cave in side of mountain, Indiana jones style trap
  • Dead bodies of Vivictus Monks that Torrin talks to: “Night mother beckoned, 7 of them, no Goliaths traveled with them, Goran Veshtal was the leader of their party”
    • Torrin knows Goran, who just joined the temple before he left
  • Party continues on into another puzzle: illusions of different groups of people offering things / asking questions / needing help, never ending loop
    • Party solves this puzzle by ignoring everything along the way
  • Party walks out into a large underground cavern holding a giant ziggurat! Not again! But yes, again.