Ispara: Session 15 Notes

Gulf Coast near Opalla

  • Talia & the dire wolves found themselves under attack from an Old World Council (OWC) ship.
  • The Magical Folding Boat was sunk
  • Talia & the dire wolves fought against the OWC pirates and won the battle, though some of the wolves were looking pretty beat up by the end of the fight

Under-Sea Cavern

  • The party was seemingly trapped underneath the sea without a great way back to the surface
  • They decided to head down the underwater passage the Kraken had entered from
  • Tadhg & Torrin almost died due to running out of air, but thankfully Vasher & Thorian were able to keep them alive by dragging them around and shoving their heads into random air pockets
  • Eventually the party found a large cavern with a steep tunnel that seemed to lead upwards
  • After some climbing excitement the party was back on the surface on a small rocky island near where their Magic Foldable Boat had been

Gulf Coast Near Opalla

  • The whole party back together again
  • Searching the OWC ship a letter, treasure, and a scared, young OWC crewmen were found
  • Treasure was pocketed, letter read, & crewman was let go to spread word a powerful group of adventurers who are seeking to destroy the OWC
  • The letter informs the party: Vice Admiral Robert Dodson moving on coast line towards Mayvir to rendezvous point at North Watch Isle, scheduled to meet on the Summer Solstice
  • Also something about Admiral Zira Bennet of the 4th Fleet...something about her...
  • Next step travel to Opalla; warn Adamir & send word to Mayvir about OWC rendezvous & seek out the final Hag sister, Lucy
  • Talia teaches the party how to sail as we travel to the coast near Opalla


  • Sold random stuff
  • Visit Symposium; Night Hags resistant to cold & fire / other stuff I forgot
  • Some armor forged of the Black Dragon Scales (don’t forget to pick this up when complete)
  • Vasher visited the orphanage to see Alex
  • Vist Count Adamar & Cassandra
    • Showed OWC letter / orders
    • Recounted tale of OWC ship attack
    • Word was sent to warn Mayvir
    • Setup a meeting with Madam Lucy, the party, & the Count
      • Vasher suspects she is the Night Hag
      • She has an eye patch
      • She seems slightly insane
      • She has made the orphanage for girls only

Under Opalla

  • Party makes their way down to the Syndicate of Lost Souls after a brief rest and song at Tables & Chairs
  • Speak with fish monger
  • Meet & speaks with Isabel, Madam Lucille’s daughter
    • She is caring for the lost boys who are no longer welcome at the orphanage
    • If Lucy does turn out to be the night hag, Isabel has agreed to take over the orphanage
  • Party heads back up to the surface to prepare for their meeting with the Adamar & Lucy
    • Note if the Hag plays dumb, we still have some Powder of Revealing