Ispara: Session 14 Notes

Shipwreck in the Gulf Near Opalla

  • Loot the wreck for some moss that may or may not be Gillyweed and some under water breathing bells
  • Vasher tries the moss and vomits for a while
  • Set sail for the location Choggers had last been seen, as Talia explains to us how to sail
  • Use bells to breathe under water as we sink down to an under water cavern

Underwater Cavern

  • Some of us almost die from drowning as we search for Choggers, the sea Hag
  • We fight some ugly mermaid creature things while almost loosing our breath
  • After exploring some caverns we find some indication of Choggers passing
  • Finally we get to her lair and fight her along with a giant sea squid thing
  • After a long battle we win and get Choggers head (thrown into the bag of colding)
  • Within Choggers sunken ship there is some cool stuff: a key that opens a portal to a magic room, a catalog of Magic symphonies, among other cool shit
  • We hear through the earrings that Talia is in trouble and about to be attacked by another ship up on the surface