Ispara: Session 13 Notes


Tadhg was a bit under the weather while writing this journal entry, therefore, details are lacking.

  • Shopping, animal training, visit with friends, Symposium, Arcania Technologica, other preparations,
  • Symposium:
    • Pendelhaven Stuff:
      • Teshara Vinettte - Spiritual / Religious Leader or the city
      • Worship of any god, but Hymwe (goddess of nature and travel) is forbidden
      • City was founded by Elves and is currently made up of mostly elves
      • City guard is called The Canopy Company, with the Shapers Circle as the “special forces” team
    • Two letters uncovered in a place called the umbral keep in eastern Northrend
      • “…throughout the siege of the keep, enemy combatants often disappearing into the shadows only to reappear behind our forces. Their religious leader was most troublesome. Calling himself the speaker of shadows we encountered him and a number of the zealots below the keep at an altar, performing some ritual to their gods. While his followers engaged my vanguard I pushed my way towards the altar, engaging one of the priests assisting with the ritual. As my blade cut the first one down the..."
      • Mentioned again in an autobiography by Giovanni Del Rio from the year 245: “In my drunken stupor I had found myself lost amongst the trees of the valley, far removed from the troubles of the high society I had so long sought to rid myself of. Day turned to night, and when light came again and found me sober, so to had a man. Tall and fair, of dark graying hair he stood above me and asked if I were lost. I told him no, for you have found me. I spent the day with this man, I told him of my travels and my search for M'won Vala and the First Tree, and he told me of his order and their search for balance. He taught me of his gods, Of Rava and her children. He told me of the one they call the Destroyer, and how one day he would come with his own children, unmaking the world and all that Rava had created. He told me not to fear, that this day was far beyond the years I had in this world. That night we made camp, sharing stories of our gods and beliefs, trying to convince each other of the flaws in each belief. When dawn broke and the light of the Everstar shone again on me, my companion had left, the only trace a single shard of amethyst, and thus ended my encounter with the man who calls himself the Speaker of Shadows.”
    • Geppetto’s Magical Goods:
      • Cool Magic shop in Mayvir
      • Magic Animal Messenger, probably should have bought this
      • Dragon Draughts - G.P. 10,000 - Transforms you into a dragon for 1 minute
    • Old World Council is advancing their front over the continent
    • Torrin has a heart to heart talk with the remaining clerics in Mayvir
    • Vasher visits the Aracnia Technologica to meet Gilroy (our “Q”) and pick up some wonderful toys
      • Note these items are on loan to us from the city and must be returned
    • Visit Sir Gregory before we leave
      • Knight who landed the killing blow on Princess Isillia, while under the influence for Crown of Madness spell
      • He is imprisoned in the Mayvir Castle Dungeon
      • He has fought Twilight Order before and offers a tactic to fight them: Try to get them alone, one at time. When they are together they are nearly impossible to defeat
      • ...Something about a Dread Hammer left in the swamp that could help?

Opalla & The Road

  • Finally the Party Departs Mayvir Via teleportation to Opalla
  • The party stocks up on supplies, purchases a sweet cart and some horses and heads out of town making way for Pendelhaven
  • (The party probably should have spoken with the royal court at Opalla since we were their emissaries, but we forgot about that.)
  • Once in the swap the gang decides to stop by their old friend Noggers, a Had who lives in the swamp (she saved the party early on in their adventures and we owe her)
    • Noggers is crazy a hell, as usual
    • His time she is missing her eyes and claims her 2 sisters stole them...Choggers, & Lucy
    • Choggers is a sea Hag, Lucy is a Night Hag, and both are dangerous
  • Party agrees to help her and go off to seek Choggers in a ship wreck near the gulf
  • Find Choggers, she appears to have one of the eyes, fight with all manner of crazy sea type creatures
  • Choggers escapes under water before the party can catch her