Ispara: Session 15.5 Notes


You all [The Party] left the tavern and made your way to the orphanage. Upon arriving you made your way around back to the cellar entrance that Isabel had told you about. The vines and overgrowth had been chopped away, and the cellar door was unlocked.

Looking inside revealed signs of Lucy's lair, with a number of strange things (jars of eyeballs, a jar containing a beating heart suspended in a clear liquid, a monkey, a tall mirror, and a cage containing the skeletal remains of 2 small humanoids, amongst other things).

Entering the cellar there appeared to be no sign of life other than the monkey and beating heart. Vasher inspected the mirror, and upon seeing his reflection dissapeared. Tadhg was next, checking the mirror for any signs of magical energy (which he detected) before also disappearing.

Torinn used locate object, and sensed the other hag eye at the top of the cellar steps. You both [Torrin & Thorian], along with the wolves, tried to hide but a series of unsuccessful stealth checks resulted in a brief confrontation with Lucy, who vanished just as you came within range to strike.

You both finished checking the room and made your way up the other set of stairs into the orphanage, breaking the door down to enter. You began making your way down the hall before being greeted by a number of red glowing dogs, seemingly Infernal in nature. You retreated, and having no way of barricading the door behind you, chose to follow your friends through the mirror.

You now find yourselves in an identical, but empty, cellar, which Tadhg has explained to you is in the shadowfell. And that is where we will pick up next session.

Tadhg's Thoughts

  • Reckless & forgetful
  • One thing we know about Hags is: NEVER confront a hag in her lair! How could we forget?!?
  • No point in dewelling on what is done. At least we are alive.
  • To the matter at hand; How do we make our exit from the Shadowfell without proper traveling magic?