volara: session 8 notes

We faced off with the Dolgons in the room with the stones. A creepy goat-man also showed up from the other end of the room. Rivers heard another voice in his head say, " So close; you and your friends straddle the line between life and death. Your situation grows desperate...My patience only lasts so long. You are losing out on your opportunity." This was in River's head so I don't know how I know that.

After a good fight, we beat the Dolgons and the goat-man. A short rest was taken, but we were running low on resources.

The next room over had a strange system setup with 3 crystals of different colors. We figured out the mechanisms in order to pocket those crystals. On the walls in that space there were many words and runes engraved. Each of us was able to decipher a small bit...

When a fragment invests in a world, they are bound to it and unable to leave the system.

The residual investment manifests itself as a style of metal.

Physical weapons are inert in the cognitive realm. Saint Sixteen was feared because his weapons were not inert.

A drawing of a strange obelisk looks exactly like the waystone of my people.

We know that fragments are a product of the shattering of the Father and Daughters. Perhaps Otenkrios is the Father? The spirt spoke of him having "daughters." Perhaps this is something to do with his craft in the forge?

Note: Armor that appears to give power to people who are associated with the Divines does not work on Rivers. He believes his Divine is with him, but I fear he may have been deceived. There is no time to discuss at present.

We continued on and came to another chamber with loot. A mimic waited for us and reveled itself, but we defeated it. We did find some nice loot. I attuned to a staff that reminds me of Ethav's Valorblade. This staff kicks ass. I do wish it did not look like a candy cane, however.

The last chamber is filled with a few feet of water on the floor. There is an epic battle with a creature named Vort and a woman called Avasa. Plus, there were many Dolgon like creatures running all over the place. Avasa got pissed at me and sent me into an alternate realm for a short time during the fight.

This realm showed me a city called Silverlight. I sat at the top of a tower and spoke with Ati (of Leera and Ati). He told me "Do not trust my sister...I will be making my way to you soon." He probably said some other things, but I was so surprised to be there I completely forgot. It was short lived because I soon found myself back in the chamber with the rest of the party.

In the end, we were able to lock the forge and make our way to the exit.

You know, Curie has been extra quiet lately. I have the feeling he may be leaving our party soon.