volara: session 2 notes


The seemingly crazy homeless man with the broken halo in his eyes is Vask. Vask is not actually a crazy homeless man, but he is Asara's husband. The broken halo in his eyes seems to have broken his mind as well.

I would like to clarify the things Vask originally said: "I needed a sign, something he can't change, a sign of the weapon he had buried so long ago."


The party (which we should name) begins in the the underground facility...The guards wear the symbol of the "Pale Hand." The party stealthed around and killed some fool guards. We found the Captain's bedroom. Captain Is. He had a trick door that opens with a purple flame torch. So, we open it an stole his shit. Somehow we convinced him to join our cause. People are complicated. I guess he was more easily swayed when he realized that his special lady friend Clovie was actually Kilfras's sister.

Our plan was to setup an ambush for the returning slavers. As a side bonus we made it look like House Darklin was involved in the slave-freeing activities. The plan wasn't great. I don't think anyone saw the house Darklin symbol we placed, we accidently set the forest on fire, and we were falling unconscious left and right during the fight. We did however manage to free the slaves with the help of Vask. Vask had been taken as a slave, but his mind seemed to have returned and he turned out to be a capable fighter.

I thought of the halo in Vask's eyes. It seems that Kilfras and Rivers both have the same thing now. I hope their halos don't fracture like Vask's did.

Vask mentioned a dream: "Our world all grey and fuzzy...lady missing chunks of flesh off her body...weapon buried long ago...some crazy scary vibes."

We learned that Helginash's brother and niece are in Balmoral. It should be noted that intel suggests the niece is corrupt, but the brother can be reasoned with. They may be able to be used as leverage for...whatever we need from Helginash once we come up with a plan.

The party traveled back to town with the freed slaves. Rivers was having extra strong regrets regarding the fire, so he took care of some business regarding that. We spoke with our friends, geared up, and made some plans.

Our fist priority would be of a personal nature for Kilfras. We would head to the village of Mirona to find his sister Clovie. I am not sure what the plan is beyond that, but maybe I wasn't paying attention again...I'll have to remember to ask...

On the road we me a lone Gnome girl named Iniza Arled. She seems friendly and sincere. She works for Lasada a beast hunter. Something about Kobold hunting near Jorsa? Anyway I like Iniza so I'll probably vote to help her out if she needs it. For the time being she is traveling with us since we are going in the same direction.

Party Pasts:

Rivers Boon

Born in 1163 to the Grim Fang clan, Rivers Boon spent his early years gathering food and materials, making arrows and weaving rope. He became adept at tracking the local wildlife, often hunting with his best friend Scratch or acting as a guide for travelers. Throughout his youth Boon became a master of the bow, perfecting the art of hunting amongst the dense jungle of Kle'Kana. As he grew into his later teens a disease spread through the Grim Fang clan, taking the lives of most of them, sparing but a few.*

As they grew to adulthood Scratch and Boon often were assigned to the same task, becoming inseparable brothers capable of achieving anything. They became well respected by the Choir forces for their knowledge of the land and for their help tracking smugglers and negotiating with the tribes of Yuan-ti. During one of the negotiations the guardsmen set a trap in order to be done with dealing with the tribe, resulting in the deaths of most of the tribesmen and guard. Boon watched as the village burned, running inside one of the burning huts as it collapsed. When he came to he was far from the village being carried on a stretcher by several of the guards. Scratch was gone, the guardsmen saying they’d seen him fighting off dozens of the snake people as the guards made their retreat.




I remember the massacre at Kathur. I was there to meet my master a day after it happened. It was the doing of Truscora & The Pale Hand. Buildings were destroyed. Everyone was dead. There was a pyrammid of dead bodies in the center of town. There had been strange rituals being performed with the bodies involving glowing metal spikes piecing the flesh of both a dead body and a living one simultaneously. The whole situation was very dark and strange.


On Planes & Realms:

  • Planes are things like the Feywild and Shadowfell

  • Realms are things like the Spiritual and the physical

  • So, I'm sure that clears that up

Some notes on Vask:

  • Vask is married to Asara

  • Vask has a tattoo of the Choir on his arm, but it has been covered up by the music symbol for a whole rest.

  • Vask doesn't seem to know mych about what's going on with himself

Other stuff Zori made note of:

  • Solatas is the throne

  • Yeager is running things for the Pale Hand up north in Solatas and Leyor