volara: session 3 notes

The gnome girl, Iniza, has a pet Kinkajou named Vasher. Vasher likes to sit on peoples heads.

The party traveled to a nearby settlement to solve the Kobald menace. Along the way Iniza mentioned she is part of a monster hunting party called Losaida and that we could become members.

The party stumbled across a magic well that grants luck to the individual who tosses in enough gold. We fucked around with that for a while. The well had some runes on it that remind me of similar runes on an old sensor relic I had seen while working with Master Adire.

We found bear tracks. Three bears had passed through the area. And there was a set of human tracks too. The party decided to follow the tracks to investigate.

Did you know Volara has 3 moons?

We encountered the three bears near a small cottage. They were occupied with eating a little blonde girl. I suppose bears will do that, but had some strange magic about them.

Rivers distracted the bears while the rest of us ransacked the cottage. I suspected the bears were once humanoid creatures who had lived in the cottage, but had been victims of a curse. There didn't seem to be anything that could be done about it.

The party regrouped and continued on to the settlement. A strange girl wearing a red cloak stood in the road and tired to sell the party a freshly killed direwolf pelt and a small cottage that had belonged to her grandmother. The girl was not in a sound state of mind. We took our leave.

We finally arrived at the settlement outskirts. The settlement is called Jorsa. And Jorsa was a mess. A boy was running from something when a blue arrow struck him in the back and he disappeared.

Iniza tried to shoot up a flare. She insisted that it was intended to summon more monster hunter companions. Rivers & the party stopped her fearing the flare would signal enemies.

Instead of kobolds, Jorsa was over run with religious fanatics. Most of the residents were dead or had been taken hostage to be sacrificed in some sort of ritual.

There was an evil speech and everything:

We are adherents to the Sword Logic, Our existence is a struggle to exist those who cannot protect themselves shall be rightfully destroyed. What we destroy we offer to our Lord whose throne lies in the sea. The cycle persists and the time is coming. The spear shall pierce the cloud once again . We will return paracausality to this world. They smash their stones in hopes to stem the tide. The Choir cannot save themselves any longer. Syzygy is coming. Retrieve the crown.”

After some antics by Kilfras and myself, the real fight broke out. And the it was over. We had won the battle and the ritual seems to have been stopped. Iniza betrayed us. We left none of the cultists except Iniza. Perhaps she has useful information.

The party stayed the night and Rivers had a strange dream: Standing on top of a tower, red lightning, 3 moons aligned, ocean opens up, lifts, something below the ocean floor, flanked on each side are two land masses, two light houses rest.