volara: session 1 notes

My name is Zori. I am a Ghostwise hin (halfling) of clan Inima Salbatica, but you could say “Wild-Heart” in the common tongue. I am skilled in the art of combat as was taught to me by a traveling monk, Master Adrie. I am also pretty good at reading people and seeing the potential in them. I probably look something like this, with the exception that I have red hair instead of blonde.

I am traveling with a group of adventures after parting ways from Master Adrie in Kathur. I have only known the party for a short while, but I can already tell we are destined for some great adventures. My new friends, are as follows:

  • Rivers: Tabaxi, Ranger

  • Keuri: Wood Elf, Fighter

  • Kilfras: Firbolg, Paladin

The world of Volara is cold now, but it turns to Spring soon. We traveled with a family, to the town of Twin Orchards. They hired us as an escort. There is a Spring celebration happening known as the Greengrass Festival. The family Peyton, Willa, & Harena seem like very nice people. Harena makes an amazing beer called Citra Ass Down Ale.

Just outside of town a gang posing as Crowns Guard harassed travelers and charged them a "toll." Our caravan managed to subdue them, however we learned that they continued to harass travelers after we left. So we took it upon ourselves to beat the piss out of them.

On the way into town there was a crazed man. His eyes were strange. I know his condition, the markings in his eyes are called a "halo." I do not know more than this. His mad rantings speak of an empty throne, a body returning, a sword / key to a metaphysical door.

The town inn is called The Good Nights Rest. Assara and Dendle are the owners. They are good people.

The party purchased some equipment and played some festival games in town. Things get serious when a tiefling man and his menagerie strolled into town. The tiefling is Helginash of the noble house Ravus. He informed Twin Orchards that they will be selecting slaves to take with them the following day. The town leader, an old halfling man named Penod must accept the wishes of the noble house.

The party could not stand idle, especially since slavery had been outlawed by House Darklin some time ago. So, we formed a plan that involved splitting the party. One half scouted out Helginash's local camp and retrieved some useful information and the other half did some very important work involving stealing a pig and upsetting a few horrible Crowns Guard before having them poisoned.

The next day after Helginash had his pick of slaves the party headed to the encampment while planning some sabotage. After lots of stealth kills and various chimney climbing activities the party ended up inside an underground base. To be continued...


  • Crowns Guard: Colors are purple and red

  • Saint Sixteen: Agent of The Divines, Powerful mortal sorcerer leader during the Ashfall War

  • Red Storm: Two streaks of red lightning crack in the sky and linger much longer than they should have, one month after The Tempest

  • Threscora: Slaver's Guild

  • House Ravus: Patch of Serpant, Sadistic and cruel

  • House Darklin: Introduced (and passed) legislation to end slavery in Volara