volara: session 10 notes

The party fought a green dragon that attacked us in the forests near the Suloa Woods. There was some under water fight action. Kilfras got in the final blow and killed the evil dragon. There was an underwater lair with a few paths to choose. Clovie had some magic to help us beathe underwater. The party split to adventure down each path. Zori & Clovie breach surface into the Dragon's nest. Rivers found a root that had celestial vibes. Kilfras found pile of dead humanoids and a giant snake molting.

Rivers retuned, meet up with us, and solved a riddle to open the dragon's hoard room. We got some sweet loot.

The party then swam toward another side passage Kilfras found. Eventually it turned into a vertical tunnel. Rivers climbed up and dropped down a rope for everyone.

We found a really weird and creepy creature. It said some stuff. We call it 'The Sex Worm' now, if that gives you a nice visual. Here are my poor notes about that:

  • Kilfras & Clovie departed long before the Silverstate was established

  • Something about a "re-divider"

  • Forgotten names

  • Ro Arsis...you do not remember the path you have taken

  • Halluciagina

We killed that weird creature because it was creepy and evil. Then a celestial creature crawled out of it's dead carcass. Oh and there was a thing where I flew through the air and cut Rivers out of it's belly. Halfling luck, saving my ass all along the way. And thank Kai-Ralara that Rivers has a climbing speed.

Later at camp during my watch, the Lord Nocturn himself stepped out the shrubbery like some common wandering crazy man. He said some stuff that was probably important. Then he made a snowman of me with snow he brought in a bag. I never trusted him, but in order to make my life more interesting I touched the creepy "snowman" as he asked me to do. The Nocturn then showed me some dark future visions. I ate one of the burritos he brought too. That was a fun night's watch.

In the morning we picked up the tracks for the archeologist group and caught up with them the next evening. Narak Kitagwa was the leader. She wore an armored Kimono. The expedition was funded by the Choir. In general all of us agree that this group seems to be hiding something from us. They have a very large number of guards and Volscar agents with them.

We learned some things and met some people including: Darryl, Galothian, & Friether.

But the important thing is that Rivers' distrust of the archeological group led him to make some decisions which caused the entirety of their party to turn their weapons on us and begin to attack. On the plus side, Rivers managed to grab a handful of what might be important paperwork. So if we survive this night, maybe we can read it. Now that I write that down, the plus side doesn't seem that great.

Oh and someone from the camp said. "If they do not come back with the re-divider they will die." I don't remember who they were talking about or why they said this.

Overall, It was an exciting couple of days in which I found my attention largely captured by the present moment rather than involved with my notebook. And so, you have these crappy notes.

~ by the pen of Zori Wildheart on this day the fourteenth of Mirtul in the name of The Divines & sixteen shards