volara: The Waystone

Day 14

Location: Cognitive Realm. Silverstate. Node 32.

Subject: Ghostwise Clan; Waystone

Ok, so we tried Exelis and I think it’s safe to say Domination won that round, Domination’s champion, The Mendicant, managed to splinter Hohn but could not reform the Fragment into something he could assimilate​ (The fact that he had to choose a champion means something. Not sure what though.) There is still a splinter of Hohn missing​ (The fucking chicken? You must have been truly desperate, Survival. Deviously clever, but desperate.) It’s pretty apparent that Sophia and Ollandra could be what this planet called Shar and Selune. The records leading up to The Shattering don't seem stable enough to extract any memories​ (cascading access failure, though sparse could indicate full system collapse.) Cepherandus postulates that whatever happened on Ispara left both ‘sisters’ in a position to be bound again. (That guy we picked up from Ispara claims to have known the four responsible for initial incitement, but he talks to his sword a lot and it’s wierding me the fuck out. You talk to him.) I really should be getting to the point; this might be the first breakthrough in a long time after all.

The Waystone​ (foreign alloy magnetic properties) is under the ‘protection’ of the Ghostwise clan in Volara. Being one of three main halfling clans, they were once a welcome face across Volara​ (was this planet called something else?) ​ Residing deep within the Chondalwood Springs, a veritable oasis in the deserts south of Avoreen, they regarded The Waystone as some kind of ancient holy relic citing as far back as The Creation Ordinal​ (Category: Era.)

​The towering stone was as much a part of the clan as any halfling. It was something they could draw power from to weave and redirect the magic of this world (this planet had to have been heavily invested.) They were a resilient and welcoming people, they have a strong nigh unbreakable bond with each other. Bound to each other through faith and family. Nomadic and adventurous the Ghostwise travelled the world learning all they could about it.

Whenever they travelled far from home they took little trinkets with them to remind themselves that they carried a little bit of home with them. They took in passing travelers without a second glance, and that was what led to their downfall. A passing halfling named Desva took residence within the ghostwise clan.

Desva, a cleric of some unknown God (I’m using God pretty loosely here) had stayed longer than any other traveler. She began infecting their minds with whispers of power, glory, and bloodshed. Driving them to unleash acts of horrific violence on each other and the other halfling clans. She also led unholy carnal rituals​ (Ugh. Every time. Why!? Could explain the telepathy being genetic though.)

Eventually, after years of frenzied brutality, the Ghostwise had driven the other halfling clans far deep into the frozen north. Hoping to find some shelter within the abandoned citadel, what they found was a means to call for help, in place of The Dustbringers absence. The two clans supplicated to Otenkrios who intervened on their behalf. He used Galvirie to shield the other halflings from the onslaught of the Ghostwise while Lawbearer used the power of The Waystone to sever Desvas connection to her patron and imprisoned her within the stone. Lawbearer then cursed the Ghostwise clan, she stripped them of their homeland, forcing them to live out the rest of their lives in the harsh unforgiving north.

She eternally bound their spirits to the stone. Instead of passing on their souls now subject to the torment of nothing. Just void, for as long ghostwise feet tread the earth. No matter far they go they are bound by law to return to The Waystone. Like metal to a magnet.