volara: major factions & organizations

  • Not all organizations are listed here just some of the more prevalent ones.

  • Every Divine and Traitor Lord has their own sect, except Sentry whose worship is banned by the government.

The Choir

The absolute power in Volara. Usurped control during the siege of Solatas and has since held the world in this perfectly preserved stasis. The Nocturne, an enigmatic and terrifying figure, sits on the throne of this empire. They intend to be the last empire in this system.


The last known remnant of Aidris. Consisting of four members hand picked by Aranaska himself. They were four of the most renowned and skilled warriors in all of Aidris. They disappeared after their post was overrun by Threnody and their surprise assault.


Compromised four members, they served as an opposing force to Aegis prior to, and during the Ashfall Wars. Chosen by The Nocturne all those centuries ages ago. If Aegis was the shield that protected the people of Aidris then Threnody was the hammer that crashed upon that shield.

The Cingulate

Organization consisting of bards, artists, and historians. Experts in Volaras history and works closely with The Choir to develop education programs and disperse propaganda throughout the territory. Rumors about infighting between the two Ashkeepers hint at a potential schism.

The December Institute

The premier technological power in Volara. Handles civil, mechanical, biological, chemical, aeronautical and marine engineering. Deals in technology of the mainstream and clandestine nature. They search hungrily for the Tome of Anat in the ruins strewn across the Scarlet Sands hoping to unravel its ultimate secret. While the leaders of The December Institute maintain that they are a neutral organization; they work hand in hand with The Choir and other oppressors.


Named in part after their cruel patron, Etrusca. Truscora is primarily a slavers guild, though they have their hands in other illicit activities. Marking their product by slicing off half of the right ear, they enjoy doing business with Noble Houses of Solatas. They don’t discriminate in regards to their product, everyone is on the table excluding those from Noble Houses.


Group of arcane assassins and warriors. Many of the noble houses send their magically inclined children to join Volscar, After becoming an assassin the noble houses either employ the assassins for their own needs or sell their skills to the highest bidder.

The Pale Hand

Bounty hunters on the prowl for arcane casters among the general population. Also has very beneficial dealings with Truscora. They had a bad reputation among the general population before but ever since the massacre at Kathur they carry an aura of fear and terror with them wherever they go.

The Enabrin Order


The Silence

Made up of escapees, from Volscars brutal training and casters who managed to escape the crushing grip of The Choir. Supposedly based out of the city of Defiance, where The Choirs control is weakest. The group is also composed of refugees, rebels, and defectors dedicated to overthrowing the rule of The Choir.

Daughters of Ash

A religious sect of women residing deep within The Scarlet Sands. They are part of a proud warrior culture supposedly descended from a civilization long forgotten. At odds with The Cingulate,they accuse them of sanitizing history in The Choirs favor.

Lion's Share

Guild of merchants with networks all across the land. They maintain trade within all major towns and collect taxes by means of obligators who travel from town to town and city to city collecting the heavy tax levied on the goods and rights to trade. The obligators usually travel with either a royal envoy of guards from the Volaran Military or soldiers from Truscora.

The Cult of Tyra

The psychotic cult dedicated to the fractured mind of the Traitor Lord Tyrathect. Drawing power from the dreams of slumbering Tyrathect, they seek dark rituals to weaken The Empyrean Seal and return their mad Lord to this world.


Named after their founder Teleb Losaida, they are an adept group of hunters hired out by villages plagued by beasts and other monsters. Despite the brutal nature of their work the hunters are jovial and kind to both people and creatures, showing a deep respect for their bounty, and the delicate ecosystems that harbor them. They despise The Pale Hand and Truscora and pursue every opportunity to wipe them out.

The House of Wolves

A monastic order of shadow monks who use subterfuge and misdirection to pursue nebulous goals. They had a rival monastic order long ago but the rumor persists that assassins from The House of Wolves slowly dismantled them. Now all that remains of that long dead order are a few practitioners, among them, an elderly elf and her young acolyte.

The Bastards Court

Pirates! They roam the seas looking for that sweet thicc booty. They particularly enjoy raiding December Institute transport ships. The reward far outweighs the risks considering just how many chest of gold people are willing to trade for Institute tech, but will still plunder any ship that could contain delectable booty.

The Noble Houses

House Darclin

Headed by Lord Ethev Darclin and his son Ciradin, next in line to assume control of the house. The house prominently deals in textiles and armor. Ethev found enlightenment in the teachings of Kai-Ralara and Aranaska, the house emancipated all of their slaves and gave them actual paying jobs and sanctuary within their house.

House Ravus

Dealing in weapons manufacturing this house has been known for its cruel and ruthless means of operation in all things. Led by Inilista Ravus and Khali Steellock. Their relationships with the other houses are tenuous at the very best.

House Enelgard

This house deals in the production and regulation of food, farming, and agriculture. Helmed by Felgor Enelgard, they are the most impartial of the houses, understanding that resources are not infinite, the house is pursuing all options to offset the inevitable famine. Often the butt of many jokes. For some unknown reason.

House Sebarial

Regulates communication, education and works hand in hand with The Cingulate to spread propaganda throughout Volara. The head of the house, Jekan Sebarial is a highly respected member of The December Institute and was the prime mover in the creation of Spancasters [^1].

The Platinum Oath

A conglomerate of noble warriors of all types from every corner of Volara. Each of the members seek to exemplify the tenets of their respective Divine. They are allies to The Silence and enemies of The Choir, Truscora, and the Cults of the Traitor Lords.

The Profligate

Debased and depraved worshipers of Re-Shephir. They indulge the worst iniquities mortal-kind has to offer. They offer a 'true freedom' by encouraging release of any and all inhibition. They are pretty much hated by everybody, even The Choir asks for help from the general population to deal with this twisted conglomerate. What is it you desire most?

The Caustic Heart

Cult of the dragon empress Ryshola. They use social leverage and binding contracts as well the promise of power and vice to ensnare the greedy and weak-willed into joining their ranks and expand their influence.

[^1]: Spancasters are an Institute invention used to transmit information across vast distances. They are dominant in major cities and Choir outposts, forts, and garrisons. Some towns and villages may also contain spancasters depending on if major factions/noble houses have some investment in the area. Outside of the Spancaster, communication is handled either through a postal service or messenger birds.