volara: the world

Volara World Map.

Volara World Calendar.

Welcome to the World of Volara. The year is 1185 Post Ashfall. Nearly 1200 years ago The Choir usurped absolute control of the Aidrin government during a siege that kicked off the events of The Ashfall and acted as the catalyst for the centuries long war that brought The Divines and The Traitor Lords into open conflict with each other, one of the many battles that defined that era.

After the impenetrable city of Solatas fell to Threnody and the unrelenting forces of The Choir, they burned it all to cinder. The Nocturne has since held the world in his iron grip by means of overwhelming military force, slavery, and The Enabrin Order an enigmatic group as barbaric as they are clandestine. Additionally, granting a swift execution for casters who do not subjugate themselves to his will helped The Nocturne consolidate power.

While not without its meek yells of rebellions here and acts of defiance there, these have been nothing more than a stubborn insect hiding in nooks and crannies. But don’t dwell on the brutal dictatorship, slavery, and secret assassin orders, all of you are going to be enjoying yourselves at the Greengrass Festival once your tiny convoy arrives to join in the festivities.

Your enemies will be cruel, intelligent, and sadistic. Be on your guard adventurers.