volara: session 6 notes

It was nighttime at the Flagon Bourne Inn. Each of the party had been given a room. A watch was set. A group of drunken rabble passed through the hall. Kilfras heard a strange sound come from my room as he kept watch. He entered, but there was nothing. I had a nightmare and thought I felt a presence in the room. The sun medallion, a celestial object, triggered Kilfras's divine sense, but there was nothing else he could detect. I changed rooms to shake off the bad vibes.

As I laid down the presence returned. It was stronger. I couldn't move. A creature appeared on top of me mumbling about stealing the sun medallion and bringing it down South. The creature cursed it's weakness from crossing the Empyeran Seal. It was disgusting. A combination of a spider, wolf, and man. I suspected it could be the Traitor Lord Mishka. Kilfras heard the commotion and entered the room to help fight the creature.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, the drunken rabble passed by again. But the men were playing an act. They were here to kill Curie and secure the bounty. They attacked Curie's room. Thankfully, River's had been secretly standing guard the whole night. He ran into the hall to help Curie fight off the assassins. Ethav heard the fighting and showed up to assist as well. The assassins tried to stab Curie with a syringe filled with an orange marmalade looking substance. They also spoke of a man named Ivan; from the context we gathered he is their employer.

After a long battle the party & Ethav fought off both Mishka and the assassins. Though, Mishka seems to have just disappeared under it's own power. Ethave has a powerful blade that is a R.O.O.T. It is called a Valor Blade and it's name is Oathbringer.

The next morning the party awoke and gathered in the hall. There were voices coming from the common room. Ethav spoke to Taleb and Siridin. I was focused on eating some waffles, but they spoke of important things. Something about Saint Sixteen (S16) being related to Ethav, and how S16's grave was in the Mystra Woods. The meeting with Viorisa was delayed as the party wanted to travel with Rivers out of town and relax in the forest for a while.

In the forest Rivers did some fishing and I tried to meditate, but I couldn't get the creature, Mishka, our of my mind. Further into the woods, an Umberhulk ate something gross. The party figured we could kill it and sell it's hide and claws for some gold. We did that.

After some fun shop-keep experiences we went back to Siexa's to get some answers. As we approached the entrance we overheard a conversation between Siexa and a half elf named Lash.

Did Viorisa let you into the forge? ...We Shouldn't have hopped here, bad decision.

Lash left as we entered. The half elf's hair was gold & black speckled and he carried and interesting looking black blade. The party sat down with Siexa as she tried to answer our crazy line of questioning. Information discussed included the following:

  1. Down south there is a place called The Edge. This is where the Amulet, another R.O.O.T, can be awakened. This is where Mishka wanted to take the Sun Medallion

  2. Ethev has a R.O.O.T. And there is another Drow who has one as well

  3. The Sun Medallion is associated with the monastic House of Radiance, but can work in tandem with The Torch, another R.O.O.T associated with the monastic House of the Wolf

I know I am missing things. The good news is we haven't yet left Siexa's. There is still time for more tea and clarification.


  • Rivalry between Divine KiRalara & Traitor lord Mishka is legend

  • Feud between monasteries; House of Radiance and House of the Wolf

  • R.O.O.T. - Relic of Ordinal Thunder. A R.O.O.T. is a very powerful artifact.


  • What exactly is the Empyeran Seal that weakened Mishka during the crossing?

  • Why did the assassins attack at the same time as Mishka? Coincidence? Mishka just taking advantage of a distraction? Or something else?

  • Who is Ivan? Does he simply want the gold bounty on Curie or something more?

  • Where did Mishka disappear to after the fight at the Flagon Bourne Inn?

  • Who is Saint Sixteen? ...Grave is in the Mystra Woods, relation to Ethav

  • Who is Lash and what is he doing at Siexa's house?

  • What is the forge Viorisa seems to have authority over?

  • What gives a R.O.O.T it's power? Where are they made? Why are they seemingly rare? Why are they important? What kinds of things can they do?