volara: session 5 notes

The party continued into the city of Mirona. Vanya told us her sister, Viorisa, is a high ranking official in the city. The party discovered a wanted poster for an elf that looked very much like Curie. $15,000 gold bounty, wanted by the Pale Hand. Not bad. There may be a good scam somewhere here...

Mirona is built into a giant crater with a huge waterfall at the Northern end. The city is separated into tiers of class. The poorest citizens live in the lower center of the crater, where as someone like Viorisa lives toward the top of the craters ridge.

The party noticed some "guard" with blue tubes sticking out of his neck. And he had some interesting looking "bonus hands."

We reached the clinic and Vanya took her leave and headed to her sisters. Rivers was cured. Some creepy alien worm came out of him. Terrisin Salve (ground terrisin root suspended in Alcohol) is what did the trick and caused the worm creature retreat from Rivers shoulder. Siridin is the elf doctor and Taleb's nephew. Taleb Darklin works there too / or is helping out. He spoke about The Choir and how it is time for a change. He also offered for us to have a drink with him later.

We earned about a strange woman called The Collector. She has many unusual items and potentially may have some information we are after, including details about the alien worm thing that was removed from Rivers.

As the party traveled to The Collector's strange orange house we came across this sexy tiefiling woman who was teaching some children some propaganda, sexily. We figured we had more important things to worry about, but I've made note of her for more than one reason.

The Collector, Siexa, is a halfling woman with a starfish tattoo on her face. She spoke like she was an alien herself and constantly used the identify spell on everything. We had some items identified and bought some interesting things as well. The bit of wisdom Siexa offered us was this: "a dark power now gestates in the mind of a dying god." And if Siexa taught us anything else I have already forgetten it.

The party continued on to Viorisa's place. On the way we noticed graves being exhumed. Also on the way up to the 3rd tier some crazy shit went down with the guards. One guard, Rocko, offered us a job running some illegal drugs. Curie didn't like that so he stabbed him a little, just the tip of his blade. We got out of there, but those guards are probably following us now and they hate us. Later we learn those guards are potentially in the pocket of House Ravus.

Viorisa's place is very nice. Vanya is there with the children. Word around town is that House Ravus is coming to Mirona to negotiate terms of trade. It seems that Inilista Ravus, head of House Ravus, is looking to control the means of production of food from Mirona. (Currently, I believe it is house Edelguard that holds this asset. But also, I don't know what I am talking about.)

Someone called Demoux is another Mirona Council Member.

After chatting with Viorisa and Vanya the party wanted to find a place to stay for the night. The Flagon Bourne Inn sounded great, especially since we were supposed to meet up with Taleb Darklin for a drink. Viorisa was kind enough to secure us rooms there.

Once at the Inn we met up with Taleb and met his brother, Ethan, head of House Darklin. We learned that Kilfras's sister, Clovie, may be traveling as a "guest" with Helginash or Inilista. According to Taleb, those folk prefer the Long Leaf Tavern when they are in town.

Other items of note include: House Jeskel? may be coming into the ranks with House Darklin in the fight for liberation. A dwarf woman named Callie is Inilista's partner. And the symbol underneath the water fall is the symbol of the Divine Smith Otenkrios.

So, the main event that happened at the inn was that we told Ethan & Taleb about our plan to kill Helginash and frame some guards for doing it all while recovering Clovie, but Ethan pointed out some flaws with our ideas. And mentioned that those guards were probably having us watched.He however appreciated our enthusiasm and is mulling over some new ideas. Hopefully something fun...