volara: the gods

The Divines


God of Law and Civilizations

Domains: Knowledge

Symbol: Double-Headed Axe with scales emblazoned on the heads

Removing evil is not the same as doing good.


Goddess of nature, hunters, travel, and adventure

Domains: Nature, Tempest, Life

Symbol: Elk with its horns wreathed in vines and plants

Inhale the breath of the wild and let free your soul.


God of smithies, artisans, and generals

Domains: Knowledge, War

Symbol: Three arrows laid horizontally with two facing the same way and one in the middle face the other way

War is too serious an affair to leave in the hands of Kings and Nobles.


Goddess of change, freedom, and trade

Domains: Trickery, Nature

Symbol: Delta

You are the product of past, but you are not prisoner to it.


God of beauty, art/music, and the seasons

Domains: Light, Arcana

Symbol: Two crescent moons of different sizes overlapping each other but one is offset

Create,inspire and follow the echoes of lost magic.


Goddess of knowledge, secrets and teaching

Domains Knowledge, Arcana

Symbol 3 half circles facing toward three dots in the center

Knowledge can liberate the mind, and isn’t the point of all this? Liberation?

Aranaska, The Platinum Dragon

God of justice, protection, nobility and honor

Domains: Life, War

A dragons head overlaid on a blue shield with silver trim

We were bestowed the power to preserve, and so I will uphold my task until ruin takes me


Goddess of life, death, and fate

Domains: Life, Death, Nature

Symbol: Geometric owl with intricate artistic patterns with the cells of the geometry

Give, do not lend. Bend, but do not break. Do not fear the end. I am here.

Sentry, Radiant Betrayer

Goddess of redemption

Domains: Life and Light

Symbol: Upright sword wreathed in angel wings

I will be your shadow in the light no longer.

The Traitor Lords

The Fury

Goddess of devastation and rage

Domains: Tempest, War

Symbol: Snake like wyrm with upper body being that of a woman

Consider yourself lucky I suffer you to sift through the ashes of my wake.


Empress Draconic- Goddess of envy, greed, and injustice

Domains: Trickery, War

Symbol: Golden dragon claw with archaic runes around it.

We were bestowed the power to ruin, and so I will uphold my task until preservation takes me.

The Tyrathect

God of madness and destruction

Domains: Death, Trickery

Symbol: Incomplete pentagram that with chaotic lines drawn about

(Incoherent gibberish)

Mishka the Spider Wolf

God of shadows and deceit

Domains: Trickery, Knowledge

Symbol: Wolf with eight legs and the head of a spider

Misdirection, manipulation and a patient hand will reap far more benefits than war ever could.

Strife Emperor

God of war and conquest

Domain: War

Symbol: Ornate axe with blood dripping from it

War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.


Goddess of death, murder, and torture

Domain: Death

Symbol: Scythe wrapped around the neck of an hourglass

Kill slowly. Make them fear the end.


God of revelry and extreme indulgence

Domain: Nature

Symbol: A heart whose major arteries wrap around a humanoid figure.

There is no greater calamity than the absence of lust.